Sunday, December 2, 2007

Abunda Life BootCamp

Health Retreat and Clinic

Featuring the Incredible 5 day Body, Mind, Spirit "Boot Camp".
Only steps to the magnificent ocean, spacious, sandy beaches, 5 mile walking boardwalk.

Thank you for your interest in our extraordinary health program known as "The World's Greatest Body-Fat Weight Loss Program." This is an exceptional opportunity for you to transform your life. You can become a new person. A new Slim, Trim, Firm, Healthy, and Energetic New You! You can now tap into your God given potential. You can begin to reach out for optimal health and high level wellness. Abunda Life is in fact the world's greatest body-fat loss program. Truly the vacation with a purpose..

Twelve Unique Features of the Abunda Life Boot Camp
1. Nutrition cannot work efficiently in a toxic environment. Abunda Life's time tested and proven Naturopathic Detoxification, paves the way to a new and better you, under the supervision of our professional staff.
2. Daily use of our Thermogetic Fat Burning and Internal Purification Room. This special room works off of in-fared technology, pulling deeply embedded toxins, drugs, heavy metals, allergens, environmental toxicity, excess fluids and body fat, out of the body while it energizes the cells.
3. Super Nutritional saturation: Five Power Drinks, Liquid Tonics and Electrolyte Replacement and from 50 to 100 Natural Food Supplements per day.
4. Daily use of the fabulous toning tables: The passive exercise and toning system that works every muscle in your body as you relax.
5. Daily treatments of deep cleansing and purification in an oxygen bath.
6. Daily use of the special non-burn sun tanning beds from Germany.
7. Your own private Health Club and Fitness Gym not open to the general public (only for retreat guests). This gym has more equipment than most Jack La Lane type clubs.
8. A Personal Fitness Trainer teaches you exactly how to do each exercise in the gym, using a revolutionary new physical fitness training system.
9. Daily use of the Chi Machine. A machine for lymphatic drainage, circulation, stress relief, energy enhancement and Chi Balance.
10. Daily Cardio-Vascular Rebound Aerobic Classes to music.
11. Supervised "Power Walks" and deep breathing exercises along the beautiful beach and boardwalk.
12. Daily Mental Fitness, Deep Relaxation and Motivational Classes to help you develop a positive mental attitude.

Twelve Optional Services
1. Nutritional Testing and Personal Health evaluation using the latest scientific breakthrough in diagnostic blood analysis for metabolic and Nutritional assessment purposes.
2. Colon Hydro-Therapy for bowel detoxification and strengthening the peristalsis of the bowel wall.
3. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the oxygen in the plasma up to ten times that of normal. This treatment is useful for hundreds of health aliments and conditions.
4. Ozone Therapy. Saturate your body with healing, healthy ozone, via a Far InFrared Sauna.
5. I.V. Vitamin Therapy. The option of over 100 different Nutritional Protocols are available to address your deficiencies.
6. I.V. Chelation Therapy for cleansing out "a lifetime accumulation of plaque and toxins" from your Cardio Vascular System.
7. "Foot Bath" Detox. This treatment removes toxins through the feet while soaking in energized water.
8. Massage Therapy and Foot Reflexology.
9. Rife Vibrational Medicine, to balance energy.
10. Medical Hypnotherapy for Stress Healing, Confidence, and Self Improvement.
11. Natural Stop Smoking Program.
12. Spiritual Life Development including prayer, meditation, non-denominational Christian Bible Studies, sermon tapes, video programs Biblical Law classes.

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